In order to build a robust full-stack applications, the popular combinations of React and Node are used. You can pursue MERN Stack course in Mumbai by enrolling in best computer institute in Thane or any other part of the city convenient for you. You can learn full stack Java-script development with MERN, i.e. MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js In this extensive course of learning, you primarily learn to build data driven applications. In addition to this, you also learn to test, secure and deploy your code. 

If we look at the overall concept of Full Stack Developer, then he is the one well-versed in back end and front end web development. 

Let’s go further and understand which all languages one must know in order to become a Full Stack Web Developer.

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets style the HTML pages.

HTML  – Hyper Text Markup Language gives outline structure of the website.

JS – JavaSript is used to give interaction to the website. 

PhP – Known as one of the oldest languages, learning PhP is always a plus.

MySQL – MySQL is used for database.

WordPress – It would be wrong to include WordPress in languages. But, it is essential to learn it in order to build a website.

You can easily build a website of your own, if you have knowledge of these languages. 

You can learn web development in Thane or anywhere around you to gain in-depth knowledge of these languages. 

Frameworks are important to reduce code length. They are just like a template. Also, you should know about data structures and algorithms.  

Following are the frameworks you must know:

  • Front End Frameworks: These are the basic level frameworks.
  • Bootstrap: It’s an open level toolkit which helps in developing with HTML, SS and JS.
  • jQuery: This framework is used in spite of JavaSript.
  • jQuery UI: It’s a curated set of user interface interactions, widgets, effects and themes. These were built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.

Advance Level Framework 

  • Node JS: Included in the advance level framework, Node JS is the most popular standard language in current times used for the back end purpose. All about the Node.JS, Complete Boot Camp on Node.JS, and Learn Node.JS by doing Projects are the courses which help you to learn Node.JS.
  • Express JS: Mostly you learn this framework while learning Node.JS. 
  • React JS: It is considered as the most famous Front- End framework. Intro to React.JS. Complete Guide to React and Redux and Build Projects Using React and ECMA script (ES6) are the courses which help you to learn React JS. 
  • MongoDB: It’s a database used for modern web technologies. MongoDB Essentials, MongoDB developers Guide and Express.JS, Node.JS, MongoDB are the courses which help you to learn MongoDB. 

You can pursue MERN stack developer course in Thane or in other words learn MERN Stack by taking training in Thane or any part you belong to become an expert MERN Stack JavaScript Developer. 

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