Search engine optimization (SEO) describes the order of presentation of keywords by a search engine in order of their relevance. Do you want your keyword to appear higher in the landing page of a search engine? The logic is quite simple; make sure your keywords are relevant. The more relevant your keywords are, the higher the chances of getting it to appear higher in the rank thereby attracting more traffic to your website. Keyword research is an essential aspect of SEO; other aspects include a good UX, writing SEO friendly content, on-page optimization, e.t.c. this article provides a guide to the best keyword tools for your SEO campaign.

Making the right choice of keywords is not as easy as it sounds; it requires detailed and precise research. During the course of the research, you need to determine whether the keyword you have chosen is actually the right one. This is why you need keyword research tools. New to keywords and keyword research tools? Not to worry, you will get acquainted with these shortly.


There are two types of keyword research tool, these are: 

• Basic keyword research: this uses the seed keyword to find and generated profitable keywords.

• Competitor-based keyword research tool: this searches for already established keywords that are being used by other companies to attract traffic. This type of keyword research tool is personally considered to be more effective and therefore preferred. The fact that the keywords are already in use with positive results is an indicator that it might be applicable to your business. All you need to do is to target the profitable keyword and the keyword research becomes of benefit to you. Though you need to pay for the use of most keyword research tools, some keyword research tools are actually free. Some keyword research tools are listed below:

• SEMRUSH: in addition to being a keyword research tool, SEMRUSH offers so much more; for instance, it doesn’t require seed keywords to commence keyword research. With SEMRUSH, you only need to add your URL (or that of your competitor) and it will present all the ranking keywords for that site. You can easily find short-tail and long-tail keywords with which you can outsmart your competitors.

• Google keyword planner (free): the Google keyword planner tool is one of the most widely used keyword research tools. This is due to the fact that it is free and directly integrated with Google AdWords. In order to use this tool, you need to have an AdWords account (this can also be created for free). An amazing feature of the keyword planner tool is vast information on Google (the largest search engine). A limitation to Google keyword planner tool is that does not provide information on the performance of your keyword on other search engines.

• KWFinder: this keyword research tool is exclusively dedicated to keyword research. Though it’s new in the market, KWFinder keyword research tool company is fast growing. It helps you derive the keyword that will help you drive highly targeted traffic. With the use of questions-based keyword research option, it is easier to find long-tailed keywords that can provide solutions to problems thereby bringing about a higher population of targeted traffic and conversion. KWFinder offers both free and paid plans.

• SpyFu: if your goal is to analyze and stay ahead of the competition in a highly competitive environment, Spyfu is the keyword research software for you. Spyfu is particularly useful for two main reasons:

-Understanding your competition’s SEO platform

-Discovering under-served or emerging market

The limitation of this program is that it doesn’t have the depth of keywords some competitors have. And Also, the data for Spyfu is monthly rather than real time.

• SERPstat: this is another comprehensive keyword research tool; it is highly effective when it comes to the identification of winning keywords. The sepstat research tool provides the following details:

-Search volume



-Keyword difficulty score

For those who are in pay-per-click, serpstat also shows the domains that are advertising for your target keywords as well as the kind of ads they are running.

• Long tail pro: this is a cloud-based software for keyword research. This paid keyword research tool can help you generate amazing keywords for your site. With the “Platinum” version of this tool, you can get an amazing and highly detailed keyword analysis checker. A special feature of this tool is competition checker; thus making it easier for you to pick the right keyword.

• Ahrefs keyword explorer: this is another popular keyword research tool. It is quite extensive in nature. It makes use of clickstream data to show the number of clicks you will get from the search engine. This is particularly useful as it reveals visitor that actually click on the ad. Ahrefs is unique in the sense that it has great UI and it generates a considerable amount of useful data. A list of keywords can also be used to target directly from Ahrefs’ dashboard; a good way to save time.

Now that you have a clear insight into the keyword research tool, select one and give it a trial. Your business is about to grow beyond you imagine actions. 

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