1. Radical changes in Conventional  marketing

The former traditional set of marketing was confined to door to door and oral publicity. In the past marketers uses physical manpower to publicize their products. But with the evolution, people need everything at their fingertips. 

Customer satisfaction is the greatest priority of every business. This instigated the digital marketing trend. Now the smallest thing may be discovered on the internet. Customers and marketers are really excited about this trend in digital marketing.

For instance, marketing for real estate in the past used to be mostly via print media or banners. Presently, all real estate powerful companies prefer the digital platform to sell their heavenly homes to their customers. Engaging content is now the key to their success. 

It is obvious that there has been a drastic change in the traditional marketing. It has completely been overpowered by digital marketing.

2. Digital is the new thing 

Everyone in India prefers digital marketing over any other thing. New businesses are also launching their businesses through digital marketing. This platform makes the process of every business easier. The company does not have to send people to go to the market physically to market to promote the product. 

It provides a huge range of economical, powerful and modern systems and channels of marketing. From tech giants to hoteliers, everyone is on the digital platform because they know that this is an effective platform. 

This does not mean that business owners do not promote their business every time. They actually attempt to engage their audience via various facts. 

3.  The Government’s “Digital India” initiative backs up

With the aim of transforming the all population through the use of IT, the India government has launched the Digital India Programme with the vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

Presently, these opportunities are now available in both the metro cities and small towns. The government also developed an application for employment programs. Every basically digital nowadays. Hence, when discussing India’s digital marketing career, you should know that you are in the right place. There is no need to debate about the alternatives but you should rather discover the benefits it has.

The Indian government’s E-Marketing email has a considerable rise in its e-marketplace analytical graphs. All registrations went up with minor fluctuations. Fluctuations take place at every place. The people of India are approaching the technology slowly and it will require some time for them to get accustomed to it.

All this further point to the fact that that is absolutely no need to avoid the government’s helping hand.

The Indian Prime Minister announced that by 2020, there will be above 20 Lakhs available to students on the digital space. Additionally, a lot of industries joined hands with the government to make the e-i dia a reality during the launch of Digital India week. 

4. Reaching global markets

Nowadays, the saying ‘ Being Digital is Being Global’ is actually the reality. It is very possible to reach an audience of any part of the world through a digital platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These social media platforms’ reach is so huge that you can now connect with everyone. In fact, a lot of people in India are engaged in businesses whose target audience are in the USA alone. A lot is possible with the use of social media. A lot of organizations from the USA also prefer India’s Digital marketing agencies to design their social media campaigns.

This is to say that a whole lot is happening in India’s Digital marketing space. And it has got a lot of people talking about it and searching for it as well.

5. Institutions are  coming up with Digital Marketing courses

 Nowadays, a lot of institutions are introducing degree courses in digital marketing with a practical approach. The academic courses are both residential and online. 

There are several colleges coming up with a curriculum involving digital marketing.

Even a lot of digital marketing agencies now own their academy where digital marketing is taquito prospective studenty. This is simply because where there are demands, there has to be an adequate supply. The demand for digital marketing is much and those aware of this are establishing ways of training students. 

6. Small towns are getting digitally equipped

Metro cities are already a part of the digital economy. But as the scope of digital marketing increases, the town’s and cities also are getting well connected with the digital mediums. 

Several small businesses launched in small cities are already the global audience through social media

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